FIT Workout

TruFIT20 workout is a medically and scientifically proven method that only takes 20 minutes once or twice a week to dramatically improve your physical condition! Full Intensity Training is the name of the game, where your body meets the machine and at its maximum capacity stimulates growth hormone through the blood stream rather than relying on tearing of muscle fiber to build muscle, which is extremely safe and also surprisingly more effective.

FIT Nutrition

At TruFIT20 we put emphasis on healthy nutrition to kick start your ideal fitness. It all starts with food. But there truly isn’t a ‘one-size fits all diet’ in our minds. While we love Paleo, Whole30 and Elimination Plans, we understand that there are other factors that play into the success of a unique individual.  Our certified nutritionists work with you by taking in all health and lifestyle information to formulate a personalized perfect plan that will FIT your needs.

FIT Wellness

TruFIT20 staff will provide you with the resources you need in order to overcome obstacles on the way to being your ideal FIT. We work with many health care providers from alternative and traditional to medical.  Our trainers have a vast knowledge of injuries, medical conditions, and health concerns.  We have worked hard to build a network of referrals that we can then case manage your health together as a partnership.

Meet our trainers

Choose from one of our certified and dedicated personal trainers to help you reach your fitness goals.

TruFIT20 Equals HIT

At TruFIT20, the true name of the game is high intensity training, wrapped into a custom program that FITS you and your lifestyle. Although the “FIT” portion of TruFIT20 stands for “full intensity training”, we believe that this program is so personalized, it just FITs into every aspect of your life. This incredibly effective exercise regiment utilizes slow motion strength training which targets muscles throughout your entire body and best of all, its extremely safe, so there’s no potential for injury. TruFIT20 is not a one-size fits all program. It is tailored to you, your goals, your body and your needs. Best yet, you usually don’t sweat with this methodology, so if you’re a busy professional with limited time, this exercise program gets you in and out of the TruFIT20 facility with a workout that can be done in your business apparel and only requires 30 minutes of your time once or twice a week. […] Read More and Watch this video… but don’t let it scare you, its only as hard as you will it to be.

TruFIT20 Schedule

3 FREE sessions if you are a first time client!

Four easy ways to schedule with TruFIT20:

About the 3 Free Workouts

Your first FREE session is a 1 hour consultation in which we will get a full picture of your health, fitness and lifestyle, educate you on the program and history of the SuperSlow method, and give you a sample workout. Your second FREE session will be a 30 minute full workout taking approximately 30 minutes.  Your final 3rd FREE workout will be scheduled for 1 hour and will consist of a full workout first and then sitting with trainer to detail out a personalized plan, discuss nutrition systems if applicable, scheduling of future appointments and purchasing of first package.  Thereafter, we schedule 30 minute blocks, but in most cases you are out in 20 minutes!  It is always one-on-one training because of programs specifics to safety, proper form, intensity and cadence.  We are proud to be the least expensive personal training in Denver because of our efficiency and effectiveness.  See Pricing Options Here

Mission Statement

We are a family run business that provides an efficient, personalized and comprehensive look at obtaining and maintaining health while staying unique to each person and their needs.  This boutique fitness facility is the safest and most effective training you can do and its meant for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

What others say about us

Matthew Millaro

“When I started working out with Christie in 2013, I had low energy, low strength, and had lost most of my muscle tone.  I had very little time to devote to fitness because of my hectic work schedule so I needed something that worked quickly and lasted.  Within a few 30-minute sessions all of those problems were drastically improved!  I began to lose weight almost immediately, the muscle and strength returned and, most importantly, I was able to take my life back with the sustained energy that came with the constantly challenging workouts! 


Trufit20 has been the ONLY program I have stuck with in more than 30 years of working out.  I have been in Trufit for more than three years, and dedicating a mere 30 mins a week has kept me in peak physical shape -without causing injury- as I approach the big 5-0!   Trufit – and Christie – have changed my life and I recommend this workout without reservation to ANYONE regardless of age or physical condition.”

Matthew MillaroSr. Chief Deputy District Attorney’s Office
Jan and Mike Swenson

“We’ve been TruFIT20 clients for more than five years — continuing a super-slow workout regimen that began in 1999 in the Chicago suburbs.  Through the years, we’ve seen our strength, endurance and health improve.”

Jan:  “A diagnosis many years ago of osteopenia — a precursor of osteoporosis — shook my world.  I recognized that I need to take action to ensure that I control my physical well-being.  My doctor back in Chicagoland recommended a super-slow workout.  I tried it … liked it … and have thrived ever since.  I’ve stuck with this exercise approach through breast cancer, knee and foot surgery and our move to Denver metro.  Today, thanks to the TruFIT20 approach and the skilled trainers, I feel great and continue to keep osteoporosis at bay.”

Mike:  “I’ve had back issues dating back to a trampoline accident when in high school.  I had back surgery in 1998 and have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis.  My doctor told me several years ago that if I chose to be sedentary, I’d really be sedentary.  Strengthening my core is critical — and the TruFIT20 regimen has helped me be successful in that endeavor.  I choose to active.  A couple years ago, I completed my 10th RAGBRAI (the world’s oldest, longest bicycle ride) — riding a recumbent bike these days.  Thank you TruFIT20 and thank you Christie for your guidance.”

Jan and Mike SwensonRetired!
Mark Kersting

Finally a chance to wear my banana hammock!!  Would you prefer the “cammo” or the “leopard”??

Mark KerstingCEO Venue Technology
Beth Lundquist

I have been a client of TruFIT20 for just under 9 years.   As a full time working mother of two it is my go to work out during my busy week. .  Where else can you get a In a max calorie /fat burning working out in less than 30 minutes in your work clothes?  In fact, I was able to successfully use this work out during my second pregnancy to prepare my body for labor.  My doctor allowed me to continue this program based upon the benefit my body was receiving and compared the slow movements with heavier weights to that of actual labor.  These reasons along with the knowledgeable staff have helped me to maintain mental and physical fitness through the years. TruFIT20 for life!

Beth LundquistOwner- Heggem Lundquist