Day 1- W(H)INE No more :(

showmethemoneyWhew… 1 day down… 29 more to go!  Today = EASY, BUT that’s probably because I tied one on last night to send myself sailing into this with a good reminder of how terrible a bottle of wine makes me feel… THE NEXT DAY.  Tomorrow… that’s a different story.

I did get a a distressed call from a friend who agreed to start today with me, but when she got home early and nestled in to the comfort of her home to watch the snow fall (that’s right, May in Colorado!) she was attacked by the WINE HORMONES we all know way to well.  “Its Friday, and I’m so used to pouring a glass to end my week…” now, mind you, how this is any different from “I had a stressful day” or “I had an open bottle” or “my kids are driving me crazy”… but lets just go with it.  So being the kind friend that I am I asked if she had followed my lead last night and finished with a big bang: Pizza – Gluten free albeit, my favorite potato chips -see first blog, and a bottle (or 2) of wine with a dear friend and neighbor who got told “thanks for taking one for the team” by the other dear-to-my-heart lush neighbor drunks… I mean friends.  After learning that she did not do that damage, I did what any friend would do, I encouraged her to go get wasted and eat all the terrible food in the house and start tomorrow.

I have no idea if there’s a method to the madness here.  We all know fair and well that this habit is not going to be an easy one to kick, but at least if you are “celebrating” something, in a way it kind of seals the deal, that this ACTUALLY is happening… right?  Insert big WHINE.

Its about mindset, we all know this, but why is it so hard to SET OUR MIND?  We are so programmed into our thinking, thoughts, and beliefs.  I find any time someone tries to come in and “re-set the course” we get all twitchy and out of whack, here’s the kicker: EVEN IF IT IS FOR OUR GREATER GOOD!

If someone waved a magic fairy wand over me right now and dropped a billion dollars in my lap and said “you can have all this, all you have to do is give up WINE forever” I truly wonder if I would feel ‘twitchy’ and nervous…

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