Its all about perspective…Wine is good for me!

Day 15 of no wine = frustration!

I haven’t quite seen the results I’m looking for in regards to the negatives I was able to drum up upon going on this 30 day journey:

I can’t imagine my liver loves it every night= I don’t feel any different, no more energy, sinus pressure still there, sleeping the same… all signs my liver is functioning the same.

My daughter see it.  Not drunk, no, my tolerance is quite high, I’m a professional.  But she sees the habit and the dependency = Does she care?  What am I trying to prove?

I pay UBER A LOT of money = Uber is cheap, and its more fun to live life.

Its expensive.  What else could I spend my money on… I can only imagine. = I found other ways to spend it trust me, no savings have occurred yet, in my brain I keep thinking how much I’m gonna save, so then I buy myself new clothes.

And the number one negative…. MY WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE …I’m a trainer for goodness SAKE! = 1.5 pounds down… I can do that with my food detox in 2torciano wine days.

I truly miss the lifestyle of having my wine anytime.   So when I pulled up this article: Wine Everyday is Good for You I got to thinking… you know it really is all about perspective.  They turned it quite nicely in this article, I like it.

I’m not quitting, however, its tempting.

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