Study proves WINE makes you skinny… true or false?

Well let me start by telling you all that I am 12 days free of WINE- yay me!

What’s been the most interesting to me on this “discovering my relationship with wine” journey is really ‘taking a look at my thoughts around drinking wine’ and I would like to break it up into stages of grieving:

First, Anger:  Why should I take away something that I love, that doesn’t necessarily hurt me, and I like my lifestyle… well minus the negatives listed in the first post that is…

Second, Craving:  I WANT it back!  I miss it, I think my glands are actually salivating at night when it comes my normal time to poor a glass and start cooking.  This got me thinking “wow, this is just like a sugar craving, my body is physically telling me it wants it”. If you dive deeper into this thought process, why wouldn’t that be the case DUH!  Wine is carbs, carbs are sugar… I teach this stuff I know… wow.  Its amazing that I justified it all long as grapes, phytonutrition and antioxidants!  I learned a long time ago when first getting certified in nutrition that wine was low-glycemic and didn’t have enough carbs to even have a glycemic index, so thats what I not only taught, but I lived by this very fact.


Third, Sadness:  I really wanted to see some dramatic changes for giving up something that I love so much.  I was expecting to drop A BUNCH of weight by giving this up, and that didn’t happen yet, so now I really want to cry.  What’s even more funny about this is that I actually remembered someone telling me recently about a recent Harvard Study that PROVED drinking wine every night helped women lose weight!  I was so excited to google this and hoping to find out that this was true… this could solve my relationship issues, if this study said this was true I was giving up my 30 day journey and drinking a bottle tonight!  To my dismay here’s what snopes had to say about this topic: Wine Makes you Skinny

skinny-217x300So as you can see, I did not get the proof I needed to stop my journey.  No Wine… still 18 days to go.  Well the good news, its getting easier.  Much like everything in life, change is hard to embrace, but we adjust and life goes on, and we get little glimmers of happiness, like learning about DeVotion Vodka…. HAHAHAHA!


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