Whole 30- Figuring out my relationship with WINE


I know its been a long time since I wrote, I’m sorry, I’ve been busy being a WINEtrepreneur!  My name is Christie Taylor, I’m an owner here at TruFIT20, and decided on a whim today (literally) that I was going to start a WHOLE 30 tomorrow!  As the conversations went throughout the morning as I tried to collect my “tribe” the biggest concern amongst those I was trying to encourage (bribe, beg more like it) was giving up WINE.  While I would love to life coach them through this, I have to admit, I shared the concern.   What I love is that not one person (yet) had a qualm with giving up SUGAR, GRAINS, DAIRY, or PROCESSED FOODS for 30 days, but that we just wanted to add an amendment to the WHOLE30 contract to be able and justified in having a little WINE…

drunk-girl-red-wineAre you starting to see a problem?  Maybe, maybe not… but about 3 weeks ago I sat in a group of amazing spiritual women as we all set our intentions for the future, and without even thinking I blurted out “I would like to figure out my relationship with wine.”  We all had a good laugh when days later I purchased a case of the best $10 wines and confirmed my relationship with wine.  It was a good one, and my head reasoned it just fine.  I don’t abuse it, I don’t hurt anyone by drinking it, it makes me happy, and I love it.  But why did I say it then?

Here’s the deal… the negatives are:

I drink it every night.  Sometimes just 2-3 glasses, but when neighbors or friends come over… why count.

I make worser food choices on wine and if too much, the day after.  Mind you, I’m a compliant gluten free/paleo girl.. but when Melissa and Doug came out and said white potatoes were clear GAME ON!  Boulder Chips I curse you and love you for coming out with AVACADO OIL POTATOE CHIPS!

I can’t imagine my liver loves it every night.

My daughter see it.  Not drunk, no, my tolerance is quite high, I’m a professional.  But she sees the habit and the dependancy.

I pay UBER A LOT of money.

Its expensive.  What else could I spend my money on… I can only imagine.

And the number one negative…. MY WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE …I’m a trainer for goodness SAKE!

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