Alli is a Nurse, Mom, Wife, Nutritionista, & Health and Thriving Coach. She is now adding a Trufit20 Personal Trainer to her repertoire. Our own Marcy Renton introduced Alli to Trufit20, although she had been researching the high intensity super slow method for a number of years in regard to the effects on health. She is no stranger to health as she has been an ER nurse, cardiology nurse, and nursing educator for over 15 years. Alli decided six years ago there had to be more to health, disease, and caring for people than what western medicine was offering and turned to integrative and functional medicine. She graduated from a yearlong functional nutrition program, enrolled at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine, and was part of both inaugural classes in Integrative Health and Lifestyle and Integrative Health Coaching. After graduation, she launched Menu To Thrive, where Alli has a unique opportunity to combine her nursing experience, integrative health coaching, and knowledge of functional nutrition to thrive in all areas of health encompassing the mind, body, and soul. She guides individuals to live life with intention, purpose, and desire; not by default and destruction. She believes every individual deserves to have the knowledge, tools, and freedom to thrive each and every day. Alli brings so much warmth, knowledge, and strength to the TruFit20 Team. She has a passion for not only how our workout makes you look and feel, but for the science that is going on at a cellular level to help each individual at Trufit20 to Thrive.