Trainer/Nutrition Coach

Balbi discovered TruFIT, formerly SuperSlow Zone in December 2010, first as a client.  After 2 yrs of struggling with her own weight and gaining 35 lbs, she was beyond frustrated.  Running and going to the gym were not working.  That’s when she realized she needed to find something new.  A friend had posted before and after pictures on Facebook and she looked incredible!  A week later she had done 2 free workouts and was hooked.   “I loved the program and couldn’t believe the results and how fast they came.”   She then decided she had a passion to help others that were in her same boat.  In February 2011 she was certified with SuperSlow Zone and became trainer as well as Nutrition Coach.  She loves working with clients of all fitness levels and promise to push you further than you think you can go!