Owner/Trainer/Nutrition Coach

Christie Taylor is the co-owner of TruFIT20 and runs the family business with her mother Jan Eckert. They founded this business 10 years ago due to Jan’s tragic horseback riding accident a few years prior, in which she broke her back in 4 different places along with other severe injuries. Jan’s recovery was a very slow and hard one that did not look hopeful until she found a woman who was doing SuperSlow Strength Training out of her garage in Highlands Ranch. Astonished at her results, Christie and Jan ventured on the path of opening up a business to share this amazing workout and exercise program with all of Denver, CO. Christie has always carried a high passion for health and fitness and the desire to help others live happy and healthy lifestyles, so this is the perfect fit. Although her schooling and previous employment with Starz Entertainment were in the field of film and tv production, she decided to take the leap over into something she believed would truly help all people and service to the community.  Leaving a fun entertainment industry job like Starz where she was a Producer, interviewing celebrities and producing movie promos, was incredibly hard, but seeing positive results and changing people’s lives for the better is the best gift she can give to others.  “I truly love what I do and the impact we have on people’s lives through their strength, health, and vitality!  I enjoy all of my clients each and every day, its such a great atmosphere we have in our facility.”

Christie has a beautiful 7 year old daughter, Sydney, and had done SuperSlow workouts prior to pregnancy, throughout pregnancy up until the day before labor literally, as well as post pregnancy of course.  She swears this is the best workout to maintain your figure and have the best pregnancy, as she herself experienced that to be true.  “I love working with women around pregnancy, its such a special time, and so important to take care of our bodies before, during, and after pregnancy.”

She has an incredible passion for the nutrition aspect of health and wellness as well and thrives on working specifically with weight loss and disease clients, because she too can empathize in how hard it can be for some, and has gained experience through her own testimonial of weight loss and changing body composition.

But nothing strikes her as satisfying as working with men and getting all the gains as fast as they do through High Intensity Strength Training. “Men are amazing, they see the results within a matter of days, its so incredible how fast this works for them.”  She thrives on results and pushes to make sure her clients see a difference and as fast as possible.

Christie loves to do outdoor recreation of all types, you can find her at Washington Park on a regular basis, biking, walking, or playing volleyball, but if she’s not there its because she’s enjoying the mountains hiking, biking, boating, or snowboarding.