Connor began training as a client over a year ago and has been accredited as the ‘perfect form’ student for a long time. So when I asked the team who they thought of our clients would be a good fit for a trainer (I do that on purpose), Conner was the obvious pick, (maybe because of the mid-western likeness amongst the group) but non-the-less, even with his current full time schedule he jumped at the opportunity and we are excited to have him.

Conner started his health and wellness journey trying a bunch of different workout videos and free weight exercises. After growing frustrated with the amount of time these workouts took away from him, he had set out in search of a more efficient workout. Through a stroke of good fortune, he met me (HA) and asked about this High Intensity Slow Motion workout. At the end of our conversation, Connor had described the workout as, “seeming too good to be true.” ” I was shocked that in just a couple workouts, I had begun feeling and seeing better results while having more time to pursue other interests.”

Through the certification process and his personal experience, Connor has become very
passionate about this High Intensity workout. “I’ve come to appreciate ALL the benefits that this workout provides. For me, it has always been about getting into the best shape possible and improving energy. But when you see improvement from someone that had thought improvement was impossible due to a past injury or chronic pain, it convinces you that this is a workout for everyone.”

The youngest of 7 siblings, Connor was born and raised just outside of Chicago, Illinois. He
attended the University of Iowa, where he graduated with a BBA in Economics. During his free time, Connor enjoys watching his favorite sports teams, fiddling around on the guitar and posting dissenting opinions on Yelp reviews. When I asked him to tell me more about himself, here’s the quip he responded back with.. I feel it will give you great insight to his humorous personality that we are so enjoying at the facility.

“His other interests include long walks on beach, candlelit dinners and dreaming upon a shooting star. Currently, he is single but is a huge catch with many potential suitors. So if interested better act soon. “