Jan Eckert-, Owner/Trainer

Jan originally purchased a franchise called SuperSlow Zone in 2007 with her daughter and co-owner Christie Taylor, which they recently turned into TruFIT Health. The slow method high intensity training was proven to be the best type of rehab for her after breaking her back in 4 different places in a horseback riding accident. She had had a difficult time bouncing back after the accident and had tried all forms of personal training and rehab including physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic.  And while these things seemed to temporarily relieve the pain, nothing seemed to be helping the long term recovery. Then she landed upon SuperSlow, and with just a few short weeks she literally was back to a quality of life she had before the accident, it worked so fast she knew it could help anyone.  She was astonished that she could unload a car full of a ½ ton worth of bags of pellets for her fireplace after just 4 weeks and was hardly sore the next day.  The obvious of her passion for this program came from how incredible her own results were, and inspired her to want to help others learn about this method. After a ton of research, it proved to be an all around program, good for strength, weight control and overall health as well as being completely safe for injured people.  So with much thought and full blown gumption she and her daughter opened up the first official franchise for high intensity training in Colorado.

She became a Certified SuperSlow trainer when she bought the franchise, and works today as a trainer, her niche being those with injuries and seniors spanning all the way to 89 years of age. Having helped her husband run his business was really beneficial in being a business owner herself. She also has a background in Real Estate, Advertising, Law and Human Resources and Accounting.

She has 3 children, 2 grandchildren and lives in Highlands Ranch. She enjoys traveling and hiking in the mountains.