Marcy came to us last year as a client with a previous injury from her other High Intensity workouts that she was participating in at the time. While she herself was a hard sell, because she could not comprehend the thought of not working out everyday and getting results (like many who set foot in our doors), she was a quick believer because the workout didn‘t hurt her and was still intense enough for her liking. Getting to know Marcy has been a pleasure, she is a very wholesome and honest person that shares the same passion of the entire team: That having an impact on a person’s health and physical level of fit works to improve all areas of life.

Marcy has studied public health and wellness education for many years, spanning from Chinese medicine to being yoga certified, and has a life long interest in fitness and nutrition. Marcy has participated in every kind of exercise trend, from step aerobics to cross fit. In the past few years though, after HIIT and boot camp style classes several times per week, she started to have injuries that required a lifestyle change. Marcy found TruFIT20 at just the right time, and really felt this philosophy fit with her next calling.

Outside of work, Marcy is a typical Coloradan – getting out to hike, bike, ski and swim as often as she can. She has completed two 13-mile obstacle course races in Breckenridge, and does yoga to balance it all out. She is also a mom of two amazing children, and has a wonderful husband (who has a wonderful accent), and enjoys introducing her family to as many physical activities as she can in life! She is truly the go getter, I know you will enjoy having her train you!