Certified Trainer/Nutrition Coach

Before starting with TruFIT (formerly SuperSlow Zone), Sally had a long history of daily trips to the health club and enjoying all the new workout fads that have evolved over the years. She was attending military style classes five days a week that were challenging, exhausting and leaving her with many aches and pains.  After meeting Christie at a networking event and hearing about the SuperSlow workout, she was very skeptical.  She thought it sounded like Curves and she told her that she LIKED her hour-long workouts and the “20 minute thing” was just not for her. However, once she tried it, she was immediately hooked and challenged. Sally told me after her first three sessions…“I couldn’t believe how different it was and the results I got in so little time.”

During her first few years she kept up some of her exhausting workouts at the gym but over time realized her muscles were so tired from her high intensity training sessions at SuperSlow she could feel that she needed the recovery that this program teaches is necessary.  That is when she had her “ah hah” moment and realized she did not need all this time at the gym. “My SSZ workout for 20 minutes twice a week was ENOUGH and I felt great!! In fact after I gave up my typical gym workouts and just did SuperSlow with a daily walk, ALL my aches and pains went away!  I was and am still amazed at the results I feel and see with ONLY two 20 minute sessions twice a week.”

Sally has been working out at SuperSlow now TruFIT, for over five years.  There was a time when she told Christie she needed to quit because she was struggling mentally and dreading workouts.  “Christie did not give up on me and we persevered through my negative thinking and mental block.  Obviously I am so grateful for her faith and confidence in me and NOW I get to do the same for others.”  Christie invited Sally to the team in 2010 at which point Sally was certified through SuperSlow Zone.  She has been an instrumental part of the opening of TruFIT Health.  “I really want to focus on helping people my age understand that this IS the ANTI AGING program of the century and if I can do, look and feel this great, so can you!  We have the GREATEST client base in the business and love coming to work and helping others get strong and fit with our 20 minute workout!  I love to be able to keep up with my golf, tennis, dog walks, and bike rides, and honestly feel better and stronger now than I did when I was in my 40s!”