Certified Trainer

Travis is our most versed and experienced trainer at TruFIT20. He is an incredible asset to our team having a huge passion for the High Intensity Strength Training industry, along with his attention to detail for the newest advances in science regarding our incredibly efficient and effective workouts.  He loves working with anyone who’s ready to take their fitness to the next level and get results fast!

Travis has had a long journey with health to get to where he is today. In 2001 Travis suffered from Gastro paresis and quickly and very un healthily lost 75lbs going from 225lbs to 150lbs in 3 months. He had 3 cases of pneumonia and his appendix ruptured in the same 3 months. Since this time Travis has struggled to gain muscle and he has set himself on the path of wellness and really enjoys sharing what he has learned.

Travis obtained his certificate to become a Certified Fitness Trainer under the ISSA in Feb of 2013 but is of no stranger to exercising or health. He attended Palmer College of Chiropractic for 2 years until a severe motorcycle accident ended his time at the University. He now plans to finish his bachelors in Exercise Science so he can better teach others.

Travis really loves pushing clients hard and he says “I really get an enjoyment out of seeing people push hard to meet their goals. I genuinely get excited when clients put forth 100% effort and I get to see the look on their face when they see how far they have come.”