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TruFIT is a slow motion, low-force strengthening exercise

  • It is a method used for total body exercise.
  • It is beneficial for rehabilitation, bodybuilding, weight loss, and general health.
  • It is the most efficient and effective workout, done in less than 4 hours per month!
  • Each client’s program is, first and foremost, focused on the goals and results to be achieved.

TruFIT is:

TruFIT is:

  • Unique to each person and their goals
  • Changes lives in just 30 minutes a week
  • Creates Healthy Lifestyles that Last
  • Personal Training
  • Anaerobic Workout
  • Pushes Limits Every Day
  • Challenges Your Body to Stimulate Change

TruFIT Results

  • Improved fitness and overall health
  • Improved Body Composition
  • Huge strength increases
  • Increased metabolism
  • Greater endurance, stamina and energy
  • Improved muscle tone and body shape
  • Optimum fat loss while maintaining muscle
  • Stronger bones
  • Reduced injuries
  • Support and aid current injuries
  • Cardiovascular Improvements

TruFIT Facility

The definitive exercise environment that features:

  • FREE Consultation
  • Training by appointment only
  • Certified Instructors
  • State-of-the-art NAUTILUS equipment
  • Climate controlled, clinical environment to eliminate distractions and enhance focus
  • Complete progress reports
  • Check-in evaluations to track progress
  • Complete Nutrition Programs for Optimal Weightloss
  • Tracking of Weight, Measurements, Body Fat

The Biology

Between the ages of 20 and 50 the average individual loses approximately 15 pounds of muscle and gains over 30 pounds of fat as a result of the decrease in metabolism associated with muscle loss. In addition to improved strength and endurance, regaining or building muscle tissue also increases metabolism, and improves body shape, bone density, cardiovascular efficiency, and joint stability.

Full Intensity Strength Training can quickly and safely stimulate the body to produce additional muscle tissue and improvements in cardiovascular and other support systems. It is important to note that the workout is the stimulus, and the physical improvements are produced by the body as a response to that stimulus.
The human body is an economical organism, which resists change unless stimulated by a demand exceeding its current ability. Intense exercise quickly fatigues the working muscles, and therefore must be brief. As intensity increases, so does the stimulus, and the larger the stimulus, the greater and longer lasting the results. These results are biologically expensive, and most of all, time consuming. SuperSlow provides the safest, most productive form of intense exercise, and one or two properly spaced sessions each week allow time for the body to produce optimum results.

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