At TruFIT20 we believe ultimate health and weight (unhealthy fat) loss, starts with food.

Have you ever heard of the 80%/20% rule? Well it applies here as well. 80% of WEIGHT LOSS comes from nutrition. You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet, plain and simple. While exercise only holds for the 20% of the weight loss equation, it’s an extremely important 20%. It is all about gaining and keeping MUSCLE because muscle fuels your metabolism to burn fat, unlike what we have thought for decades that fat burn is caused by more cardio.

One mistake that most diet programs make is not emphasizing the importance of strength training. So often when people go on these programs they do lose weight, but because of the (in some cases extreme) calorie deficit, the body actually eliminates muscle (in other words goes catabolic) instead of fat! If you lose muscle, you ultimately lose your metabolism! Muscle is a very expensive tissue that takes a lot of calories to run. It needs constant heating and cooling, holds and controls your water, delivers proteins and other essential nutrients, and more. So the second you start backing off calories your body freaks out and flips a switch that puts you in starvation mode, ridding the body of this expensive tissue (muscle) and hanging onto fat, and therefore dropping your metabolism. Now lets say the diet is done, you’re at a happy weight, and you start eating normal again. What do you think most likely will happen? Sadly for most, they will gain even more weight than where they began. Repeat dieting then becomes necessary, eating less and gaining more and they have now fallen into America’s sickly cycle of the yoyo diet.

Fact: For healthy fat loss, you have to have a strength training protocol like that of TruFIT20 in place in order to tell the body it demands/needs to keep muscle for the high intensity workouts each week (and for your metabolism) and the only thing you can spare is the fat.

Next, comes the big 80% , the smart calories, or what we like to call feeding nutrients to the body! It’s not always just about what you take out, but just as much about what you are putting in… “I’ve stopped eating so many carbs and I am still not losing weight…” Sound familiar?

What we offer is not a ‘one-size-fits all’ program!   This is personal; we take a look at the most important components of eating healthy and making new lifestyle habits as they pertain to each individual and their goals. 

  • Lifestyle: Travel, Cooking Habits, Eating Out Habits, Time Constraints, etc.
  • Blood Sugar Balance: Cravings, Blood Panels, Symptoms
  • Food Sensitivities: Gluten, Grains, Dairy, Sugar, and a thousand more!
  • Cell Toxicity: Do you eat food, breath air, drink tap water, eat at restaurants, or take medications? If yes to any of the above, you are, sadly toxic. We have a sure-fire way of resetting the body with fruits and veggies, not juicing, not fasting, not ‘master-cleansing’… its scientific!

TruFIT20’s Ideal Nutrition Program, should you so choose, is a unique approach that works to eliminate everything from the body. We start with a specific fruits and veggies detox and then slowly add certain foods and food groups in over a 6-12 week course. We want to see how the body reacts to determine what foods and/or areas an individual will need to pay particular attention to in order to get in their best health and therefore shape ever! 

Over 10 years we have seen this approach be the best over-all fat loss, with men dropping 8-16lbs and women 5-12 in JUST THE FIRST WEEK! Then after detox, healthy weight loss expected is 1-3lbs a week.  The picture here was 12 weeks, Alexis is a true testimonial to the program.

Every person’s body make-up and genetics are different. Some people may be sensitive to glutens/grains, some might be intolerant of certain dairy products, sugars or legumes and others may just be blood sugar imbalanced or toxic. Our 6-12 week structure can help you determine any or all of the above.

We can also send out for testing with A.L.C.A.T  if we feel the inflammation levels on the body are such that this is necessary. This can help pinpoint exact foods that are affecting your health and we have other resources like Cell Well Being Epigenetic Testing.

We get a full picture of health before and after with body weight, hydration and BMI levels, as well as body measurements. We also have the Body Metrix Ultrasound machine to look at body fat and basal metabolism, calories burned, if necessary and all determined by you. Measurements taken before and after detoxing the body can show if inflammation levels are average or if it seems there is more than average decrease in inflammation (2-3inches in mid body areas). By taking these measurements, we are heightened to watch food integration for moderate to severe food sensitivities. This process determines how and what foods you add back into your nutrition plan, along with educating you on glycemic index’s and blood sugar balancing. We also teach and educate on reading labels, hormones and their contribution, proper portions of Micro and Macro Nutrition, kitchen basics, etc.

If that’s too strict or seems impossible, we can have you journal for a week and make suggestions that can help you better balance. Most of the time people are eating too many carbs in the morning, not enough during the day, limiting fiber and fat, and eating too much protein. This is very common, and will not aid in health or fat-loss even though we’ve been told for decades it will.

Its hard to know what’s right and we understand the struggle.   The most common thing we hear is “I eat pretty well but I just don’t exercise enough.” This is a myth that we have so deeply embedded in our brains. It’s like driving a car…you just don’t think about it, you know it to be true. The Eat Less and Move More Campaign has swept the nation for decades and obesity continues to rise!!!   What’s more frustrating, even when we don’t see results doing this very act of daily calorie counting and step monitoring, PEOPLE STILL BELIEVE their minimal results are because they are eating too much and not getting in enough cardio. They are thinking “I drank a glass of wine and skipped a yoga class, that’s why I’m fat.” They are absolutely astounded when we tell them to eat more butter (real grass-fed cow butter of course) and do one or two 20 minute workouts a week and by-golly drink that wine! Sound too good to be true? It’s all about using the most recent science and being smarter. Just like the way technology is getting better and more proficient, so are our food and biochemistry studies.

But we won’t just hand you a plan, we will educate you on why and what studies have shown. You will experience results immediately and understand the process. Clients have continually said besides weight and inches lost they experience:

  • More Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Brain Clarity
  • Pain Relief
  • Stool Regulation
  • Stomach Aid
  • Decreased Inflammation and Bloating
  • Skin Tightening and Clarity (Rashes Gone)
  • Headaches minimized or gone
  • Feeling Hydrated
  • Blood Panels Improved, Cholesterol down or normal, Triglycerides balanced.
  • More Joy in Life

When you are healthy you are happy and you can experience life and do the things you want to do, pain free and with ease.

We are also a Whole 30 Licensed Facility:  We can get down to the cleanest eating with the Whole30 Program and help educate you on why that’s so important! 30 Days of eliminating everything that has negative effects on health, and having only those that provide true nutrition to the body.

We have unlimited resources that will fit your lifestyle. What’s important is you, your needs, and being able to be the best you. We can’t promise it won’t take work, but its smarter work and we have the tricks and tools to help you. We believe optimal weight loss is a reflection of a healthy body and if you ‘fix’ your health, the weight will come off easily!

Visit our testimonials page here for amazing before and after pictures!

We do not believe there is a perfect diet out there that is black and white, because the human race is a genetic pool full of a much larger variety.  So this is personal….Trufit20 Nutrition….a “FIT” plan for you.

The Costs for TruFIT20’s Nutrition are tied right into your ‘Session’ purchase so you can use as many sessions from your package as you deem necessary. It’s a stepping process that we will determine with you one week at a time. In most cases, as a rule of the facility, we see you more in the beginning to get you going, determine who you are and what’s going on, and then over time you are just coming for workouts and checking in with us during your workout time.

Our goal is efficiency and effectiveness. We will keep you longer as a client if we see you less and you feel better and better. Weird but true!